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Guidance Note on Scaling Up Social Norm Change

Published on 25 November 2019

This is a guidance note on how DFID can support the scale-up of inclusive approaches to complex social change for marginalised and vulnerable groups. It looks at how to scale up approaches to shift social norms that underpin behaviours preventing particularly women, girls and people with disabilities from participating and benefiting equally from development and development interventions.

Achieving impact at scale on such harmful behaviours may come from extending the reach and/or improving the effectiveness of strategies focusing on social norms. Alongside the main Guidance Note, four companion Briefs provide further information and practical examples on:

  1. Concepts and resources
  2. Types of scale-up
  3. Resourcing and value for money of scale-up
  4. Risk management and monitoring.


See the Guidance Note and the accompanying set of four Briefs attached here.

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Carter, B. with Apgar, M. & Khan Mohmand, S. (2019). Guidance note on scaling up social norm change. K4D Emerging Issues Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


Becky Carter

Research Officer

Marina Apgar

Research Fellow

Shandana Khan Mohmand

Cluster leader and Research Fellow

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