Challenging Patriarchy: Unsettling Men and Masculinities

Cornwall, A. and Edström, J.
IDS Virtual Bulletin 5
Publisher IDS

Challenging Patriarchy presents contributions to the evolution of thinking on men and masculinities in Gender and Development, drawing on three IDS Bulletins published over a period of more than a decade: Men, Masculinities and Development (2000), edited by Andrea Cornwall and Sarah White, Sexuality Matters (2006), edited by Andrea Cornwall and Susie Jolly, and Undressing Patriarchy (20014) edited by Jerker Edström, Abhijit Das and Chris Dolan.

Men, Masculinities and Development addressed a vital disjuncture in the emerging field of men and masculinity studies: a turn to the personal that was decoupled from the political, resulting in a lack of attention to the structural implications of male privilege. In engaging with the 'queering of development', Sexuality Matters queried the heteronormative assumptions of gender and development and explored the politics and erotics of male same-sex and trans sexualities with a development lens. Returning to and amplifying the structural preoccupations of the 2000 Bulletin, Undressing Patriarchy grappled with the feminist concept of patriarchy by connecting perspectives
from feminist, sexual rights and masculinities fields to address questions of intersectionality and structures of constraint to gender equality.

Over this period, our work – and these IDS Bulletins - has been consistently
supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). We dedicate this virtual issue to the memory of our late friend and colleague from Sida, Dr Paul Dover, who tragically passed away in September this year and whose article contributed to the 2014 Bulletin we also include here.

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Bringing Men into Gender and Development? Feminist Perspectives

From 'Woman-Blind' to 'Man-Kind' Should Men Have More Space in Gender and

Sylvia Chant

Missing Men? Reflections on Men, Masculinities and Gender in GAD
Andrea Cornwall

'Did the Earth Move?' The Hazards of Bringing Men and Masculinities into Gender and

Sarah White

Which Men, Why Now? Reflections on Men and Development
Ruth Pearson

Masculinities, Sexualities, Pleasures, Power and Patriarchy

'Race', Culture, Power, Sex, Desire, Love: Writing in 'Men who have sex with men'
Andil Gosine

'Terms of Contact and Touching Change: Investigating Pleasure in an HIV Epidemic'
Jill Lewis and Gill Gordon

'Sodomy in India: Sex Crime or Human Right?'
Sumit Baudh

Homophobia and Patriarchy in Nicaragua: A Few Ideas to Start a Debate
Patrick Welsh

Sex Work Undresses Patriarchy with Every Trick!
Meena Saraswathi Seshu and Aarthi Pai

Challenges for Men and Masculinities in an Unequal World

The Male Order Development Encounter
Jerker Edström

Gender and Development Cooperation: Scaling up Work with Men and Boys
Paul Dover

Poor Man's Patriarchy: Gender Roles and Global Crises
Alexandra Kelbert and Naomi Hossain

A Radical agenda for Men's Care Giving
Gary Barker

Male Engagement in Deconstructing Institutional Violence in Kenya
Phil Erick Otieno

The Spectacle of Men Fighting
Alan Greig

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