Andrea Cornwall

Honorary Associate

Professor Andrea Cornwall is a social anthropologist specialising in the anthropology of participation and democracy, masculinities, women’s empowerment and women’s rights, and sexualities.

Andrea Cornwall is no longer a member of staff at IDS, however, she is an Honorary Associate and the Director of the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment programme, which is hosted by the Participation Cluster at IDS.  

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Pathways of Women’s Empowerment Research Programme Consortium

Pathways is a research and communication programme which seeks to discover where women are achieving real gains despite or because of policy and practice. It looks at how this has happened, and aims to make these pathways visible so that we can build on these revealed successes.


Journal Article

Introduction: New Democratic Spaces? The Politics and Dynamics of Institutionalised Participation

IDS Bulletin 48.1A

Across the world, as new democratic experiments meet withand transformolder forms of governance, political space for public engagement in governance appears to be widening. A renewed concern with rights, power and difference in debates about participation in development has focused greater...

16 August 2019


The Participation Reader

Calls for greater participation of those affected by development interventions in shaping their outcomes have a long history. This reader explores the conceptual and methodological dimensions of participatory research and the politics and practice of participation in development. Through...

10 August 2018


The Politics of Rights: Dilemmas for Feminist Praxis

Since the late 1990s, development institutions have increasingly used the language of rights in their policy and practice. This special issue on feminist perspectives on politics of rights explores the strategies, tensions and challenges associated with ?rights work? in a variety of settings....

10 August 2018

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