Social media and conflict management in post-conflict and fragile contexts

Rohwerder, B.
GSDRC Helpdesk Research Report 1184
Publisher GSDRC
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This rapid review identifies recent literature on the role of social media plays in conflict management in post-conflict and fragile contexts. Conflict management refers to policies relating to national reconciliation; peace-building; stronger state-citizen relations; and social cohesion and inclusion. In most of the literature, social media was grouped in with new media and information communication technologies (ICTs).

The evidence base for this area is weak despite much enthusiasm over the potential impact social media could have. Very little analysis of the impact of social media on conflict has been carried out. This is noted in a number of studies, including a systematic review (Schoemaker, 2014; Oatley, 2011; Gagliardone et al, forthcoming; Stremlau, forthcoming). A limited number of case studies are used throughout the literature.

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