Past Event


Learning from Changing ‘life worlds’: Doing Research on Gender, Environment, Community, Self

12 November 2015 17:00–18:30

Institute of Development Studies,
Library Road,
East Sussex BN1 9RE

Dr Wendy Harcourt, Associate Professor, International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam will present her experience of doing research “otherwise”, taking into account her own gendered experience and of the people with whom she is working. She bases her talk on her on-going research and engagement in the changing values and livelihoods of Bolsena, Italy in a theoretical and reflective exploration of environment, community and self.

Harcourt’s analysis is based on concepts developed by feminist political ecology – her own work on body politics, the theory of rooted networks from Dianne Rocheleau, Donna Haraway’s concept of naturecultures and the work of JK Gibson–Graham on new economic imaginaries emerging from the politics of place. Her talk will look at the interconnections of gender, environment and livelihoods attentive to daily needs, embodied interactions and labours of the women she is working with as part of a reappropriation, reconstruction and reinvention of Bolsena’s lifeworlds.

About the speaker

Wendy Harcourt is Associate Professor in Critical Development and Feminist Studies at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University, in The Hague. Dr Wendy Harcourt joined the ISS in November 2011 after 20 years at the Society for International Development, Rome as Editor of the journal Development and Director of Programmes. She has written widely in the area of critical development studies, gender and development and feminist political ecology. She has published 10 edited books and her 2009 monograph: ‘Body Politics in Development: Critical Debates in Gender and Development’ received the 2010 Feminist Women Studies Association Book Prize.

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