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Promoting rational use of antibiotics in low and middle income countries

17 May 2017 13:00–14:30

IDS, Room 221

Inappropriate over use of antibiotics is a major contributor to increasing antimicrobial resistance, one of the most serious global public health problems existing today.

This seminar will describe what actions have been taken globally to promote appropriate use of antibiotics in low and middle-income countries. The presentation will include:

  • global information on antibiotic use, and interventions and policies to promote more appropriate use, in low/middle-income countries;
  • community surveillance of antibiotic use and resistance in resource-constrained settings;
  • a new country contextualised holistic approach to promoting more appropriate use of antibiotics recently undertaken in S. E. Asian countries.

The seminar will conclude with a discussion on what future actions are needed to promote more appropriate use of antibiotics in low/middle income countries.


Dr Kathleen Holloway specialised in the public health of pharmaceuticals in low and middle-income countries and with a special interest in promoting more rational use of antibiotics.

She worked for 16 years in WHO, both in the Headquarters (Geneva) and the South-East Asian region (based in Delhi). In Geneva, she was responsible for promoting rational use of medicines (and antibiotics), and in Delhi she was the Regional Advisor in Essential Medicines for the South-East Asian region. Prior to working for WHO, she worked for 10 years with various NGOs in Myanmar, Nepal and India and for 11 years in the UK National Health Service.

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