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Kelly Shephard

Head of Knowledge, Impact and Policy



Policy Anticipation, Response and Evaluation

Evidence-based policy is often framed by questioning what works, for whom and in what situations. It is often forgotten that the ability to answer this question depends on knowledge about what has happened, what is happening and what is likely to happen.


K4D Learning Journeys

K4D provides the UK Department for International Development with facilitated learning activities to explore and respond to complex, interdisciplinary development issues of strategic importance to policy, programming and organisational learning.



Disrupting the seating plan at the United Nations and beyond

Every year thousands of delegates gather at the Commission on the Status of Women in New York to discuss the experiences of women globally. For the first time I was privileged to run a scheduled side event for The Impact Initiative. Joined by colleagues from the UN Economic Commission for...

16 April 2019


Barber Shop Tales of Impact

Nasir Sobhani gives haircuts to the homeless men and women he meets in Melbourne, Australia. Known as the Streets Barber, Nasir set up an initiative called Clean Cut, Clean Start following his battle with drug addiction.

1 May 2018


Journal Article

Sex Education in the Digital Era


Exploring sex and sexual relationships is an important part of adolescence, and therefore sex education should have a central role in adolescent emotional development as well as dealing with crucial public-health issues.

3 February 2017

Kelly Shephard’s recent work


IDS partnership boosts gender mainstreaming ‘from the field’

As part of a two-phase initiative that began in 2013, IDS helped WFP to develop and implement ‘Innovations from the field’ – a participatory action learning programme to capture, share and embed successful innovations for gender mainstreaming across the organisation.

4 July 2016