Desk Review: evidence for the use of digital resources to deliver sexuality education

How do young people learn about sex today? Increasingly, sexuality education and information are being delivered through digital spaces, reaching millions. Working with UNESCO this project begins with a desk review of the evidence for the use of digital resources to deliver sexuality education for young people.

The work explores the extent to which digital content can influence knowledge, attitudes and practices of adolescents and youth, and looks at the potential for digital spaces to be used to add value to the traditional delivery of comprehensive sexuality education.

Phase two of the project involved coordinating a series of case studies, illustrating a diverse range of active digital platforms delivering information on bodies, sex and relationships from around the world. Findings were shared at the UNESCO Forum ‘Switched On: Sexuality Education through Digital Spaces’ in February 2020 in Istanbul.

An evidence report was produced for the conference: ‘A review of the evidence: sexuality education for young people in digital spaces‘.

A conference paper was produced, which captures the case studies on digital sexuality education providers from 30 countries around the world: ‘Switched On: An Exhibition on Digital Sexuality Education Providers’.

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