K4D Learning Products

K4D produces a variety of Learning Products to support and enhance learning and update alongside the Helpdesk Reports. The majority of these are commissioned through Learning Journeys although some are to support individual events such as professional development conferences, or as stand-alone learning resources. We have produced over 100 to date, including talking heads videos, podcasts, slide packs, multimedia reading packs and reports, infographics, graphic illustrations, social media campaigns and graphic design for emerging issues reports.

All public videos are on the K4D YouTube page. You can also browse resources through individual Learning Journeys.


Recent work


Gender, Countering Violent Extremism and Women, Peace and Security in Kenya

Kenya ranks 109 out of 153 countries in the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, with a score of 0.671. There are significant inequalities between males and females in education attainment, health outcomes, representation in parliament, and labour force participation. This Factsheet outlines some of...

9 December 2020


Humanitarian Learning Resource Guide

This guide is designed to provide FCDO staff and other interested parties with information about free online courses and materials they can use to develop or refresh their humanitarian technical competencies. It is not an exhaustive list but provides a starting point for those working to...

Brigitte Rohwerder

1 December 2020


K4D Africa Shift Climate and Energy Conference

K4D recently hosted a two-day virtual conference bringing together different parts of the HMG network, think-tanks, external agencies and other organisations on issues related to climate and energy in Africa. The event drew on strengths from each department to establish a clear vision for what...

12 May 2020