K4D Learning Journeys

K4D Learning Journeys build on IDS’ experience running similar activities with other donors and the institute’s many years at the forefront of participatory learning approaches. Learning Journeys are collaborative across disciplines, usually involve other UK government departments and development partners, and provide spaces for discussion and reflection linked to real case working scenarios and application. They are facilitated by thematic experts and supported by evidence syntheses and Learning Products to increase uptake.

Learning Journeys now include collaborative scoping processes, activities to provide a core group of participants with structured spaces to learn, discuss issues and reflect on their day-to-day work and how they may apply learning. This can be seen through Action Learning Sets which bring a range of staff together around a particular aspect of their work, Communities of Practice which come together around a broader theme and identify co-learning priorities, or pairing advisers across cadres, for example. Discussions are facilitated to enable sharing of expertise between staff, and external experts are brought in to provide cutting edge research and guidance. These approaches are enhanced through outputs from the Research Helpdesk and Learning Products to increase uptake, including through filming and editing ‘talking heads’ and some interactive online products. 

Learning Journeys

Water Security

International Nature

Security and Access to Justice

Inclusion in Crises

Prosperity Fund COVID-19 Evidence and Learning Initiative

Demographic Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa

Health Systems Strengthening

Civil Society

Changing Food Systems

Education, Climate and Environment


Image of Amy Cowlard

Amy Cowlard

Senior Project Support Officer

Image of Ben O’Donovan-Iland

Ben O’Donovan-Iland

Communications and Impact Officer

Image of Joanna Howard

Joanna Howard

Research Fellow and Cluster Leader

Image of Louise Oakley

Louise Oakley

Research and Learning Programme Manager

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