K4D Learning Journey on Water Security

Water security is important for sustaining livelihoods, human well-being and socio-economic development. Safeguarding sustainable access to adequate quantities of acceptable water as well as ensuring protection against water risks rests on a number of elements including natural processes, infrastructure, institutions and governance.

Water insecurity is growing due to rising global water demands, climate change, urbanisation and environmental degradation. Growing water scarcity, variability, and poor water quality are impacting sustainable development in a number of ways, undermining economic productivity and human well-being. Household water insecurity is a key challenge for combatting disease, including the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Water Security Learning Journey will support knowledge and understanding around these issues across FCDO.

For more information about this Learning Journey, please contact Rachel Cooper, (University of Birmingham), Lead Researcher, at [email protected].

Helpdesk Reports

K4D Helpdesk Report 857
Water Finance and Nature-based solutions
Dr Rachel Cooper and Dr John H. Matthews
21 August 2020

K4D Helpdesk Report 813
Nature-based solutions for water security
Rachel Cooper
11 June 2020

K4D Helpdesk Report 803
Water Security beyond Covid-19
Rachel Cooper
April 2020

K4D Helpdesk Report 826
Water for the Urban Poor and Covid-19
Rachel Cooper
4 May 2020

Opinion pieces

How to improve safe access to water during and after Covid-19

Three ways to improve water security and climate change adaptation

Strengthening water security for pandemic preparedness


Mainstreaming Water Security and Climate Resilience ahead of COP26

Water experts talk climate and water with K4D ahead of COP26

Richard Clarke: Water at the heart of the agenda

John Matthews: Medium of positive change: activating climate & water

Infographics/social media graphics

Ways to improve water security and climate change adaptation

Pandemic preparedness and building back better


Please note that this Learning Journey is currently ongoing so this webpage will be updated throughout.

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