Photo of Jon Gregson, Head of Knowledge Services

Jon Gregson - Head of Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services

Jon no longer works for IDS.

This programme aimed to strengthen the policy engagement and communication (PEC) work of researchers and communication staff based in 26 think tanks across Latin America and South Asia.

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The Future of Knowledge Sharing in a Digital Age: Exploring Impacts and Policy Implications for Development

IDS Evidence Report 125 (2015)

We live in a Digital Age that gives us instant access to information at greater and greater volumes. The rapid growth of digital content and tools is already changing how we create, consume and distribute knowledge. More details


Knowledge Sharing and Development in a Digital Age

IDS Policy Briefing 87 (2015)

Digital technologies are reaching ever further into remote parts of the world, changing how people access, use, and create information and knowledge. More details

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Learning about an Alternative Approach to Strategic Discussions

IDS Practice Paper In Brief 2 (2011)

This paper looks at the use of graphic facilitation to support strategic discussions More details

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