Photo of IDS researcher Marinella Leone

Marinella Leone - Research Fellow

Marinella is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). Her main research fields are Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics.

Her research interests mainly focus on the analysis of conflicts and their consequences, the economics of gender and child labour. In a current research project looks at the change in gender roles during a conflict and its long term effects on women’s empowerment indicators.

She has also been studying the short and long term impacts of conflicts, including their intergenerational effects on socio-economic outcomes. In an other research project Marinella looked at the role of women in decision-making positions of local collective action institutions devoted to the management of natural resources. Marinella's research also focuses on the analysis of child labour primarily in agricultural environments.

This project aims to establish a long-term partnership between the IDS, Save the Children UK (SCUK) and Save the Children International Rwanda (SCI-R) to analyse, evaluate and scale-up (in partnership with the Government of Rwanda) a unique holistic programme (First Steps) that supports families of children aged 0-3 in the district of Ngororero in Rwanda.

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In this consultancy, Marinella Leone is developing evidence to support arguments and recommendations made in the ActionAid report exploring the interlinkages between women’s economic inequality/ neoliberal policies and Violence against women and girls (VAWG).

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Providing an in-depth understanding of determinants of domestic violence in Ghana, to strengthen advocacy and advance legal, policy and programmatic interventions aimed at countering domestic violence in Ghana.

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Domestic Violence in Ghana: Incidence, Attitudes, Determinants and Consequences

This study represents a comprehensive attempt to estimate the incidence of domestic violence in Ghana, and analyse the attitudes that sustain domestic violence, its determinants and its consequences. More details


Does War Empower Women? Evidence from Timor Leste

IDS Evidence Report 121 (2015)

Conflicts may change the material conditions and the incentives individuals face through death, displacement and other consequences of violence. Being a victim of a war can also profoundly change individual beliefs, values and preferences (Bellows and Miguel 2009). More details

Non-IDS publication

Short and Long-Term Impact of Violence on Education: The Case of Timor Leste

World Bank Economic Review 1.27 (2013)

Published in the World Bank Economic Review, this paper analyses the impact of the wave of violence that occurred in Timor Leste in 1999 on education outcomes. More details

Non-IDS publication

War and Stature: Growing Up during the Nigerian Civil War

American economic Review (P&P) 102.3 (2012)

In this Journal article, authors investigate the legacy of the Nigerian civil war of 1967-70. More details

IDS Working Paper

Education and Conflict Recovery: The Case of Timor Leste

IDS Working Paper 381 (2011)

This IDS Working Paper analyses the impact of the conflict on the level and access to education of boys and girls in Timor Leste. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Education; Gender; Sexuality.