Photo of Vivienne Benson, Administrator, Globalisation Team

Vivienne Benson - Communications Officer

IDS is working with Health Systems Global (HSG) to develop communications, share messages and engage with its members and the global community.

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Improving Rural Lives Through the Liberian Motorbike Boom

Parallel to the mobile phone revolution in Africa is the lesser talked about motorbike boom. Motorbike taxis have changed the face of transport and provided employment opportunities, particularly in rural parts, in many African countries. More details

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Building trust in a post-truth age

28 Mar 2017
By Vivienne Benson

IDS Joins the Health Systems Global Team

29 Feb 2016
By Vivienne Benson

Learning to transform nutrition

16 Jul 2015
By Vivienne Benson

Making sense of data goes beyond counting numbers

28 Apr 2015
By Vivienne Benson

My Big Idea #Research Uptake

10 Feb 2015
By Sophie Marsden, Vivienne Benson
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