Baseline Social Performance Survey Afghanistan

The Microfinance Investment and Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) Board, and specifically the Minister of Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), has recently felt that MISFA should be promoting a double bottom line in microfinance. It has therefore asked the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) to assist MISFA in improving systems for tracking and monitoring the socio-economic status of microfinance clients so that Microfinance Institutions MFIs) complement their reporting on their financial health with a reporting on their social performance.

CGAP has contracted the Institute of Development Studies to develop several simple indicators based on the Afghan context, that will report on four key issues:

  • to what degree MFIs serve poor people
  • changes in economic conditions of clients
  • school attendance of children of clients disaggregated by sex
  • access to basic health care services.

IDS will also prepare a questionnaire and a sample design that a local survey firm will use to create a baseline database. IDS will conduct an analysis of this dataset so that this benchmark data can be used to determine progress over the years.

Project details

start date
4 February 2007
end date
4 December 2007


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