Country Briefings for the Social Protection Flagship Report

Save the Children is producing a flagship report on social protection as part of its global nutrition campaign. This campaign is part of the organisation’s broader child survival work. The report addresses the third objective of the nutrition campaign which calls for commitments to social protection policies that guarantee a minimum nutritional floor for children and mothers.

The report will be published shortly before the G20 leaders’ summit (mid June) and is intended to raise the profile of social protection at a time when leaders are discussing economic downturn and vulnerability of the poor to economic shocks and crisis, providing material for advocacy throughout the year on social protection across a range of international audiences, including the Committee on Food Security (CFS). It also aims to highlight the nutritional impact that social protection systems can have, which is especially relevant in the context of increasing food security due to economic downturn and food price crises.

Deepta Chopra has been commissioned to produce three country briefings (India, Pakistan and Nigeria) for the flagship report.

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start date
18 April 2012
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31 May 2012


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Save the Children

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