Pathway to Sustainable Development and Human Dignity and Choice

The PKSF is implementing the ENRICH through 116 POs in 200 unions of 164 upazilas under 64 districts. The prime objective of this programme is to ensure overall development for all those living in its working areas.

To ensure total development, it undertakes initiatives related to human dignity and freedom such as ensuring access to asset, ensuring freedom of choice, human capability enhancement, access to enhanced sustainable income sources through appropriate financing and enhanced community/social and physical environment.

The main focus of the ENRICH is not only to make the participating households financially better off but also to improve their living standard by increasing access to education, health and sanitation services, etc. Also, the nature of its operation is very unique because it aims to ensure sustainable development along with human dignity and freedom.

Keeping that in mind, the programme is using different types of intervention mechanisms that are comprehensive in nature and are tailored for total development of the target community. Under such interventions, it has undertaken different activities which are mainly community and family-based. Cooperation, coordination and collaboration have been key to making these interventions successful.

Project details

start date
10 July 2018
end date
30 April 2019


Supported by
Sahayak Foundation


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