Politics of Green Transformations

Researchers at IDS and the University of Sussex have joined forces in producing a new book The Politics of Green Transformations edited by Ian Scoones, Melissa Leach and Peter Newell.

What does it take to create the multiple ‘green transformations’ required if humanity is to live sustainably on planet earth? Across 11 chapters by leading authors, the book examines what social and political alliances are required to realise green transformations. The role of the state is emphasised, as well as the role of citizens, as innovators, entrepreneurs, green consumers and members of social movements. Green transformations must be both ‘top-down’, involving elite alliances between states and business, but also ‘bottom up’, pushed by grassroots innovators and entrepreneurs, and part of wider mobilisations among civil society. The book will come out in the STEPS Centre Series ’Pathways to Sustainability’ and will be published by Routledge/Earthscan in February 2015 (http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9781138792906/

This web page shows the list of contents and gives access to drafts of chapters 10 and 11 by Stephen Spratt and Hubert Schmitz.

Chapter 1 – “The Politics of Green Transformations’, Ian Scoones, Peter Newell and Melissa LeachChapter 2 – ‘What is Green? Transformation Imperatives and Knowledge Politics’, Melissa LeachChapter 3 – ‘Invoking “Science” in Debates about Green Transformations: A Help or a Hindrance?’, Erik MillstoneChapter 4 – ‘Emancipating Transformation: From Controlling “the Transition” to Culturing Plural Radical Progress’, Andy StirlingChapter 5 – ‘The Politics of Green Transformations in Capitalism’, Peter NewellChapter 6 – ‘The Political Dynamics of Green Transformations: Feedback Effects and Institutional Context’, Matthew LockwoodChapter 7 – ‘Green Transformations from Below? The Politics of Grassroots Innovation’, Adrian Smith and Adrian ElyChapter 8 – ‘Mobilizing for Green Transformations’, Melissa Leach and Ian ScoonesChapter 9 – ‘The Green Entrepreneurial State’, Mariana MazzucatoChapter 10 – ‘Financing Green Transformations‘, Stephen SprattChapter 11 – ‘Green Transformation: Is There a Fast Track?‘, Hubert Schmitz

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5 May 2014