Pro-Poor Access to Electricity

This project is part of an accountable grant provided to IDS by DFID to analyse the factors and policies that increase benefits of renewable electricity provision for the poor and support the design of interventions that take these into account. As part of the project, each of the elements of the causal chain linking renewable electricity generation capacity to poverty impacts is analysed. We gather evidence for each of these links of the causal chain and provide policy recommendations to maximise their contribution to the final objective of poverty reduction.The project consists of three main stages:1. Review of the evidence of poverty impacts of electricity generation capacity.2. Development of a methodology that supports donors to maximixe the poverty impact of their investments in renewable energy generation capacity in developing countries. The methodology can be used both ex-ante, to prioritise potential investments in terms of their poverty reduction potential or to maximise the poverty reduction potential of projects whose business case has already been approved, and ex-post, for the impact evaluation of poverty impacts of projects once these have taken place.3. Application of the methodology to two planned renewable energy projects.

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start date
1 April 2012
end date
31 March 2016