Requirements for a Sustainable Bioeconomy in the Context of SDG Implementation

A sustainable bioeconomy can potentially do its part to replace the era of fossil resources and supply a growing world population. The transformation to such a sustainable bioeconomy is characterized by economic, ecological and social opportunities, but also by risks. These potentials and challenges of the sustainable bioeconomy are specified by this project for the German Environment Agency (UBA).

The guiding principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a basis for analysis. In order to reconcile the bioeconomy and the requirements of the SDGs, the project develops requirements for a sustainable, resource-efficient bioeconomy, as well as recommendations for prioritizing and designing policy measures for bioeconomy strategies in the context of SDG implementation. The project will take up the ongoing debates on bioeconomy policy and enrich the discourses with its own scientific contributions and events for a sustainable orientation of bioeconomic policies.

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start date
1 October 2017
end date
31 March 2020