Systematic Review of Private Participation in Infrastructure

The systematic review is addressing the following questions: What is the evidence of the impact of Development Finance Institution (DFI) support (including PIDG support) for Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI), on economic growth and poverty reduction? What conclusions can be drawn from this evidence to help DFIs better target their investment to maximise their impact on economic growth and poverty reduction?

The relationship between growth and poverty reduction has been extensively studied and a large literature has emerged, although it differs considerably. This systematic review considers the impact of DFI engagement in the infrastructure sector on growth and poverty outcome through the lens of the different links in the causal chain. In particular, evidence on the additionality created by this engagement will be gathered and assessed.

Using a broadly ‘realist’ approach to systematic review, a mixed method approach combining qualitative and quantitative methods will be used according to the different focus and methodological approaches found for each link in the causal chain.

The ultimate purpose of the review is to inform DFI policy so as to improve the development outcomes resulting from their engagement in the infrastructure sectors of low income countries.

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start date
30 September 2010
end date
10 June 2011


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Engineers Against Poverty

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