Urban Governance for Adaptation: Assessing Climate Change Resilience

This research investigates the linkages between good urban governance, climate adaptation and resilience, and poverty and sustainable development concerns. It develops and tests an analytical framework for urban adaptation governance ten Asian cities.

The results form the basis of a climate resilient urban governance assessment framework, including elements of:

  1. decentralisation and autonomy, 
  2. accountability and transparency,
  3. responsiveness and flexibility,
  4. participation and inclusion and 
  5. experience and support.

This framework can help to assist in the planning, design and implementation of urban climate change resilience-building programmes in the future.

IDS Working Paper Number 315 presents the findings of research in ten South and Southeast Asian cities and the framework for assessing climate resilient urban governance.

For the city assessment reports, please see the following links to pdf files (sizes 116 – 300kb):

Recent work