Backing the Future: Why Investing in Children is Good for Us All

Published on 15 September 2009

The UK could save billions and avoid many social problems by shifting towards a preventative model of investment in children and young people. Backing the Future provides the economic and social case for transforming the way we invest in the future of society through our children.

The report makes clear the need for a comprehensive investment programme in preventative services for children and young people that would both save spending on dealing with the impact of problems later, and deliver wider benefits to society. To achieve lasting change, Backing the Future demonstrates why it is essential to address the impact of the structural factors affecting the circumstances of children’s lives, such as poverty and inequality, together with psychological and social dimensions of their well-being.

We show how this can be achieved and present an economic model for how the UK Government could fund a transition to a more preventative system, therefore turning aspiration into reality.


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Aked, J. Steuer, N. Lawlor, E. and Spratt, S


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