Citzens’ Media and Communication

Published on 1 June 2009

Citizens’ media and communication are still poorly understood in the mainstream of development policy and practice – and are prone to simplistic forms of implementation, because of the lack of a coherent grasp of the social, cultural, and political processes that make them transformative.

Introducing the articles in this guest issue, the authors find that citizens’ media is about more than bringing diverse voices into pluralist politics: it contributes to processes of social and cultural construction, redefining norms and power relations that exclude people. Local ownership and control of their own media can allow people to reshape the spaces in which their voices find expression.


Jethro Pettit

Emeritus Fellow

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Pettit, J., Salazar, J. F., and Dagron, A.G.
Development in Practice, volume 19, issue 4 & 5


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