Enabling Citizen Engagement and Accountable, Responsive Government: Strategy Synthesis

Published on 1 November 2014

Making All Voices Count is a programme that began with a clearly defined set of aims, a theory of change (ToC) and a structure centred on four linked components – innovation, scaling, research and evidence, and catalysing global action. In its first year, activities were carried out under each component.

Ongoing reflections on the challenges, successes and failures of each of these activities were combined with a deeper analysis of the assumptions behind the programme’s ToC. These reflections led to the development of a revised framework and the elaboration of a strategic approach that will shape Making All Voices Count as it moves forward. This synthesis document, written in October 2014, first describes the programme’s evolving approach and ways of working, before presenting this strategic approach to its future activities.

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Brock. K., McGee. R. and Besuijen, M. (2014) Enabling citizen engagement and accountable, responsive government: Strategy synthesis, Making All Voices Count Programme Document, Brighton: IDS


Rosemary McGee

Power and Popular Politics Cluster Lead

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Brock, K., McGee, R. and Besuijen, M.


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