LANSA Working Paper Series 2017

Farming Systems for Improved Nutrition: a Formative Study

Published on 1 November 2017

International literature accords immense importance to agriculture interventions in order to achieve better health and nutrition. It stresses the importance of women’s engagement, diversified production and consumption, and incorporation of other health and nutrition services into the agriculture extension services. Little is understood how communities perceive these dimensions in building their farming systems for better nutrition, particularly in the context of Bangladesh. This paper To understand the perceptions and needs of local farming communities in promoting agriculture for nutrition and how to address their needs, given the existing programmatic framework of a NGO, BRAC in Bangladesh. The research concludes that pilot testing of interventions based on the feedback received from the communities who have been exposed to the principles and experiences of nutrition-sensitive agriculture models is worth considering in defining a feasible model to promote agriculture for better nutrition.

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Chakraborty, B., Akter, F., Mukta, U.S., Hossain, M. (2017) Farming Systems for Improved Nutrition: a Formative Study, LANSA Working Paper Vol 2017 No 21. Brighton

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