The Foreign Aid Business: Economic Assistance and Development Co-operation

Published on 1 January 1997

In The Foreign Aid Business, Kunibert Raffer and Hans Singer offer an incisive analysis of aid and development finance and examine the key issues and new trends in aid as well as proposing a series of fundamental improvements. Distinguishing clearly between ‘aid’ and ‘help’ in development finance, the authors discuss aid in the context of other North-South flows, such as trade or debt service, and describe its role and evolution during the Cold War. They address in detail issues such as food aid, the European Union’s Lomé co-operation, Japan’s emergence as the largest donor and its specific aid philosophy, the often neglected question of South-South aid and the role of non-governmental organisations. The new trends analysed in this book include political conditionality, the UNDP’s proposal to reorient aid towards human development and the question of aid diversion to the former communist countries.

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Raffer, K and Singer, H.W
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