VIH et Renforcement des Systèmes de Santé, Etudes de Cas Plurinationales pour la Recherche de Données probantes permettant d’optimiser les Synergies – l’Expérience de la République Démocratique du Congo

Published on 1 October 2011

This is one of five publications on the impact of HIV and AIDS funding on health systems in Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ghana, Madagascar and Malawi.

The reports are an urgent call to action to address the HIV-AIDS and the health systems crises in synergy, rather than separation. The Health Systems Research Series present key findings on current themes in international health system research to a multi-disciplinary forum of policy makers, scientists, and management and development advisors conducting international health and system research. The Royal Tropical Institute (Koninklijk Instituut Voor de Tropen) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is an international institute, which specializes in the generation and sharing of knowledge and expertise through institutional cooperation. The objectives of KIT are to contribute to sustainable development to reduce poverty, preserve encourage the exchange of culture diversity and disseminate this information to further these goals.

The present studies were carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Health and Social Services in Ghana, College of Medicine in Malawi, Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé in Burkina Faso, Institut National de Santé Publique et Communautaire in Madagascar, and the Ecole de Santé Publique of Kinshasa in the DRC. Funding for this case study was generously provided by the Netherland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the STOP AIDS NOW partnership in the Netherlands (ICCO, Hivos, Cordaid, Oxfam-Novib and Aids Fonds), Cordaid and the Global Fund to Fight Aids TB and Malaria (GFATM).


Pauline Oosterhoff

Research Fellow

Publication details

Kiyombo, M., Munyanga, M., Konde, N.N., Mimboro, L., Pero, A., Tiendrebeogo, G. and Coolen, A.
Blok, L., Jenniskens, F., Oosterhoff, P. and Wolmarans, L.