Women and Agribusiness: Working Miracles in the Chilean Fruit Sector

Published on 1 January 1999

Fresh fruit exported from Chile, and many other developing countries, has become commonplace in our supermarkets during the winter months. Employment in this branch of agribusiness is mainly seasonal and employs large numbers of women workers.

This book provides an in-depth examination of the ‘fruit explosion’ in Chile and its effect on rural women. It explores the structure of the agro-export sector and the role of seasonal female employment. The authors ask how women combine this new type of work with their more traditional roles, and consider state politics to support seasonal workers.

Both the local and global implications of women working in this sector of agribusiness are considered. The book ends by discussing the possible effects of supermarket codes of conduct on temporary, female workers in agribusiness. The book takes an interdisciplinary perspective and provides an important contribution to research on women and agribusiness.

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Barrientos, S., Bee, A., Matear, A. and Vogel, I.
0 33368 293 9


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