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The World Economy Since the War: The Politics of Uneven Development

This book, written by a former IDS Fellow, analyses the development and transformation of international organizations through the post-war boom, the ensuing recession, the changing strengths of the capitalist countries and the evolving crisis of development experienced in the Third World.

1 January 1985


Developmental States in East Asia: Editorial Introduction


The papers in this IDS Bulletin focus on different aspects of the historical experience of state economic involvement in three East Asian NICs, one socialist (China) and two capitalist (Taiwan and South Korea).

17 August 1984


China’s New Development Strategy

In this book internationally recognized experts on China describe and evaluate recent changes, relating them to earlier policies and experience, the problems of developing countries generally and the process of change in other socialist countries.

1 January 1982


Seasonal Dimensions to Rural Poverty

The process which has led to this book was sparked off by the discovery in a seminar at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex that in both northern Nigeria and a part of Bangladesh there was a peak in births in the late wet season. This led organisers and participants...

1 January 1981


Learning for Development: A Literature Review

Organisational Learning - Background Information Organisational learning, in which leaders and managers give priority to learning as integral to practice, is increasingly recognized as critical to improved performance. ActionAid, DFID and Sida collaborated with the Participation Group at the...

26 June 1905