Perspectives on Jobs and Farming: Findings from a Q Study with Young People, Parents and Development Workers in Rural Ghana

Sumberg, J., Yeboah, T., Flynn, J. and Akua Anyidoho, N.
Future Agricultures 109
Publisher Future Agricultures Consortium
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This paper presents the results of a series of Q Methodology studies with secondary students and parents at two sites in Ghana (Ashanti Region and Northern Region), and with development officials. The studies were informed by the argument that there is a significant risk of implementation failure when there is a clash of assumptions or world views among the parties associated with a policy process.

Specifically the objective was to explore in a systematic way the perspectives of rural young people, their parents and development officials on a series of questions relating to work in general and agriculture in particular. Five specific research questions were addressed: What is a desirable job? What makes a job desirable? What explains young people’s attitude toward farming? Why should we be concerned about rural young people and farming? What should be done about rural young people and farming?

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