IDS welcomes new master’s cohort from over 60 countries

Published on 25 September 2019

This week, we are super excited to welcome nearly 300 students from 60 countries to study our master’s degrees in international development. For those students about to embark on this great adventure, here are a few pointers…

Message from our Director of Teaching and Learning, Linda Waldman

“Congratulations on joining the IDS community! Our aim is that being at IDS will inspire you. You will learn and grow – understanding theory, developing skills, and debating perspectives. We know that we will learn from you during discussions, seminars, presentations as we together grapple with intractable development challenges. Our hope and aspiration is that your time at IDS will equip and inspire you to join the community of development experts using ‘engaged excellence’ approaches to tackle today’s most pressing global challenges. 

 Here are three suggestions for how to get the most out of your time at IDS:

  1. Know that everyone (including me) struggles to write – regardless of how confident they seem.
  2. Be responsible for your own independent study.
  3. Network with your peers and others, discuss your work, share your ideas and get feedback.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new home away from home, a place where you will create new friendships and professional networks that you’ll treasure for life.”


For information about settling in, working, living and getting help while studying, see the Sussex student hub.

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Get a head start by taking a peak at ten of the best essays from our Class of 2018, or check out the IDS Bulletin – a treasure trove of development theory and practice going back 50 years.

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