The future of food?

Published on 17 March 2015

Sarah King

Communications Coordinator

Prior to an insect tasting session held at IDS which included crickets, grasshoppers and worms, a panel of experts discussed their views on the benefits, risks and obstacles that need to be overcome for insects and other novel foods become a common feature of the human diet.

The expert panellists each made a proposition about the future of global food security and the potential role of insects in contributing to that future.

Introduction: Dominic Glover – IDS Research Fellow

Arnold Van Huis – Emeritus Professor of Entomology, Wageningen University, NL

Alexandra Sexton – PhD candidate researching novel foods, King’s College, London

Douglas McMaster – Founder and Chef of Silo, zero waste restaurant & café, Brighton

James Wilsdon – Professor of Science and Democracy, SPRU, University of Sussex

Nick Rousseau –  Coordinator of Woven – a network of people working on edible insects in the UK

Q&A and further discussion

Future food scenarios

The discussions and edible insect tasting were the culmination of a two-day workshop where experts came to consider to consider the various scenarios of how to feed the world in the future. To some, insects and novel foods are a big part of that picture. We have captured some of the lively discussions and reactions to the tastings in the storify, including tweets, images & links.