Duncan Green

Associate Researcher

Duncan is Head of Research at Oxfam GB and was previously a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Development Studies. He is author of From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the World (Oxfam International, June 2008).

Duncan was also a Visiting Fellow at Notre Dame University, a Senior Policy Adviser on Trade and Development at the Department for International Development (DFID), a Policy Analyst on trade and globalization at CAFOD, the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales and Head of Research and Engagement at the Just Pensions project on socially responsible investment.

He is the author of several books on Latin America including Silent Revolution: The Rise and Crisis of Market Economics in Latin America (2003, 2nd edition)Faces of Latin America (2006, 3rd edition) and Hidden Lives: Voices of Children in Latin America and the Caribbean (1998).

Duncan Green’s blog: From Poverty to Power



Adaptive Programming for Empowerment and Accountability

There is much hype and attention given to new models of development programming that are iterative, adaptive and politically grounded – on the assumption and with the hope that they show greater promise than more traditional development approaches. Evidence of how adaptive programming...


Action for Empowerment and Accountability (A4EA)

Action for Empowerment and Accountability is an international research programme which explores how social and political action can contribute to empowerment and accountability in fragile, conflict, and violent settings, with a particular focus on Egypt, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria and Pakistan.



Working Paper

Theories of Change for Promoting Empowerment and Accountability in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings

IDS Working Paper 499

This paper explores the current state of thinking among a range of aid actors (multilaterals, bilateral, applied scholars and international non-governmental organisations) on how to promote empowerment and accountability in fragile, conflict and violence affected settings.

21 November 2017


From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the World

The twenty-first century will be defined by the fight against the scourges of poverty, inequality, and the threat of environmental collapse - as the fight against slavery or for universal suffrage defined earlier eras.

8 October 2012


The Global Economic Crisis and Developing Countries

1 May 2010