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Hubert Schmitz

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Hubert Schmitz is a development economist with 40 years of experience in research, teaching and advisory work. His areas of specialisation are sustainable industrialisation, the politics of investment and growth, and the political economy of green transformations.

He is Emeritus Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies and adviser to bilateral and multilateral development agencies. He has published widely in academic journals and is known for succinct synthesis of policy research. He has a long track record in managing international research teams and integrating competences across disciplines. His recent research concentrates on two questions: how the global power shift affects low carbon transformations and who drives climate-relevant policies.



Accelerating Sustainability: Why Political Economy Matters

Accelerating sustainability is a challenge that defines our era and is a central theme of Institute of Development Studies research. This paper brings together what we can learn from development studies and from sustainability studies to understand this challenge and move forward. Our...


Transformative Alliances

Our work looks at the role of public-private-civic alliances as drivers of the green transformation, in particular at the role of business in such alignments.


Rent Management: the Heart of Green Industrial Policy

At the heart of green industrial policy is rent management: government creating and withdrawing opportunities for highly profitable investment. This project asks what the key factors are for rent management to succeed.


Hubert Schmitz’s recent work