Sarah Stephens

Sarah Stephens

Postgraduate Researcher

Sarah Stephens is a human rights lawyer with international development experience, and is a current post-graduate researcher in the Digital and Technology cluster at IDS.

Sarah has over 20 years strategic and programme experience in social justice, empowerment of women and human rights. She has worked on projects in partnership with DFID, British Council, DANIDA, GIZ, Irish Aid, Save the Children, SIDA, UNOPS, UNICEF, World Bank.

She is currently engaged in doctoral research at IDS to explore the role of technology to increase access to justice for women in Tanzania; exploring social, cultural, and technical barriers to digital access.



Are robot lawyers the future of increasing access to justice?

In March 2023 GPT-4 passed the solicitors qualifying exam (the SQE) which is the national qualifying exam to become a solicitor in the UK. In the same month GPT-4 also passed the Bar Exam in the United States. Does this mean that in the future we will no longer need lawyers, as all our legal...

1 November 2023