Building Asian Drivers Networks in Africa and Southeast Asia

The goal of the project was to promote the development of research networks in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia working on the Asian Drivers theme: the impact of China and India on other parts of the developing world.

IDS worked closely with the African Economics Research Consortium, and a number of research meetings were organised. A small network was developed in Southeast Asia, centred on the Social Research Institute at Chiang Mai University in Thailand.

Key contacts

Image of John Humphrey
John Humphrey

Professorial Fellow

Project details

start date
1 February 2006
end date
31 October 2007


Supported by
Rockefeller Foundation

About this project


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Jing Gu

Research Fellow, Centre Director

Image of John Humphrey
John Humphrey

Professorial Fellow

Recent work

Working Paper

China: Its Impact on the Developing Asian Economies

Published by IDS

The rapid growth of East Asia, with China at its centre, has attracted global attention. Many authors have emphasised the emergence of regional production systems and the spread of high rates of growth across a large number of Asian economies. Nevertheless, the East Asian regional production...

18 December 2007