Climate Justice Scoping Study

This study, commissioned by the International Development Research Centre, identified gaps and future entry points for Southern-led research on climate justice.

The study was framed around the concept of transformative climate justice, reflecting the need to bridge gaps between climate justice processes (under the UNFCCC) while addressing unjust and inequitable structures that put some social groups at a disadvantage over others.

The study findings  argue that there is significant scope and need to develop and realise Southern-led research on all aspects of climate justice: its procedural, distributive and intergenerational dimensions and across policy domains, from energy and food to water and conflict.

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Lars Otto Naess

Resource Politics and Environmental Change Cluster Lead


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Recent work


Toward transformative climate justice: An emerging research agenda

Calls for climate justice abound as evidence accumulates of the growing social and environmental injustices aggravated or driven by climate change. There is now a considerable and diverse literature on procedural, distributional and intergenerational dimensions, including questions of...

Peter Newell & 4 others

10 August 2021

Working Paper

Towards Transformative Climate Justice: Key Challenges and Future Directions for Research

IDS Working Paper 540

From forest fires in Australia and California to record floods in Jakarta and the UK, it is clear that no area of the world is immune from the effects of climate change. Many countries and cities have woken up to this fact and have declared climate emergencies. Mainstream discourses are...

Peter Newell & 4 others

3 July 2020