Coptic Culture Conservation Collective (CCCC)

The Coptic Culture Conservation Collective (CCCC) initiative will create a narrative and visual archive of contemporary Coptic intangible cultural heritage (ICH). By identifying, capturing, and documenting Coptic ICH, the project will also build local communities’ repertoires, and capacity for long term heritage preservation, and through the project, and its associated outputs, make development practice more culturally aware and embedded. The project will use education and advocacy to promote the institutionalization of the protection of intangible cultural heritage so as to ensure the sustainability of the work well after its completion.

The project is funded by the Cutural Protection Fund. The Cultural Protection Fund was launched in June 2016 by the British Council in partnership with Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The £30m fund is set up to protect cultural heritage overseas at risk due to conflict.

Project details

start date
1 November 2017
end date
31 March 2020


Supported by
British Council

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Recent work


Awards for Egyptian Copts who help protect heritage under threat

Last week, 86 young Egyptian Copts from Upper Egypt celebrated their past and future as “heritage collectors”. Karen Fanous was there to capture the buzz. On the 15 of January 2020, 86 heritage collectors from 34 different communities in Upper Egypt, together with their team...

21 January 2020


Youth and inter-generational mediation of cultural heritage

For the sake of preservation of heritage under threat, engaging young people is key to sustainability, but we need to think creatively how to bring them on board, argues Mariz Tadros. On the face of it, heritage preservation may conjure images associated with the old - that which has...

11 October 2019