Future Health Systems Research Programme Consortium

Future Health Systems is a research consortium working to improve access, affordability and quality of health services for the poor. We are a partnership of leading research institutes from across the globe working in a variety of contexts: in low-income countries (Bangladesh, Uganda), middle-income countries (China, India) and fragile states (Afghanistan) to build resilient health systems for the future.

Future Health Systems - Innovations for equity

After a successful first five-year phase from 2006-2011 (see our success stories), we are now in the second phase of research (ending December 2016), funded mainly by the UK Department of International Development (DFID).

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Leah Murphy

Health and Education Convenor

Recent work


Water and Sanitation challenges and impact on health in informal settlements

Access to water is one of the major challenges faced by residents of Freetown, Sierra Leone, and informal settlements are no exception to this problem. Communities’ sources and access to water vary by location. The rapid urbanisation and over population is part of the reasons for the water...

Joseph M Macarthy & 3 others

15 January 2019


Waste management challenges in Freetown’s informal settlements

Waste management has been a challenge in the Freetown municipality of Sierra Leone for a long time, underpinned by the limited capacity of institutions responsible for waste collection and depositing. These challenges come with a huge cost to human health. The situation is even worse for people...

Joseph M Macarthy & 3 others

15 January 2019


The State of healthcare access in Freetown’s informal settlements

Unequal access to healthcare exacerbates poor health due to their living conditions of those living in informal settlements across Freetown. This issue brief provides an insight into the current state of healthcare provision in Freetown’s informal settlements. The Sierra Leone Urban...

Joseph M Macarthy & 3 others

15 January 2019


Naming the moment

There is all too often a lack of historical perspective and institutional memory in contemporary debates on health systems strengthening, or in the planning of interventions designed to improve accountability mechanisms at local, national or global level.

4 October 2017