Governing the Land-Water-Environment Nexus in Southern Africa

In southern Africa, the intersection of land, water and environment is central to a range of challenges for policymakers, businesses and local people.

This project studies the different ways in which the ‘nexus’ of land, water and environment are governed in the region. It investigates different governance styles (including technocratic, market-led, state-led and citizen-led approaches), and asks what difference they make to the mechanisms and actors that are involved.

The project asks what narratives about problems and solutions are implied by different styles of governance. It also looks at how these styles of governance overlap and combine in different ways, and what are the outcomes.

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Key contacts

Amber Huff

Resource Politics and Environmental Change Cluster Lead

01273 915805

Project details

start date
1 November 2015
end date
1 October 2018