IDS Evidence Report 117

Addressing and Mitigating Violence: Uptake Strategy, Year Three Update

Published on 1 February 2015

The overarching purpose of the Addressing and Mitigating Violence (AMV) theme is to generate useful analysis to tackle policy dilemmas relating to ‘newer’ forms of violence and organised crime.

Across the contexts where we work, we undertook a multi-level governance analysis with a multi-actor governance approach to better understand the contributions and possibilities for convergence between state and non-state stakeholder efforts in different policy spaces.

The work for year three provided additional case studies and further analysis to consolidate the work on the sub-themes to date. Year three also provided an opportunity to present a body of work from the first two sub-themes to key stakeholders and wider audiences through the hosting of targeted roundtable and policy dialogue activities.

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Collodi, J.; Lind, J. and Seballos, F. (2015) Addressing and Mitigating Violence: Uptake Strategy, Year Three Update, IDS Evidence Report 117, Brighton: IDS

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Jeremy Lind

Research Fellow

Fran Seballos

Global Partnerships and Alumni Officer

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Collodi, J., Lind, J. and Seballos, F.
IDS Evidence Report, issue 117


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