China and the WTO Dispute Settlement: Three Years On

Published on 1 January 2005

A constructivist approach to the history allows one, in Jane Ford’s words, to follow exactly the impact of a regime on the identity of a county. As she says “whereas traditional theories are mainly concerned with who gets what out of a regime, a constructivist approach, based on social theory, considers the process through which identities and interests are formed. This often tends to produce a different understanding of outcomes…”. This paper examines China and WTO Dispute Settlement System (DSS) from the perspective of social constructivism, and then tests this perspective by examining China’s WTO accession and China’s legal regime for implementing the WTO agreement, especially its trade remedy system.


Jing Gu

Research Fellow, Centre Director

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published by
Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Gu, J.
Online Papers 1-30


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