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COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary No.6

Published on 31 March 2020

This daily COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary is to signpost DFID and other UK government departments to the latest relevant evidence and discourse on COVID-19 to inform and support their response. It is a result of 2-2.5 hours of work and is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of evidence.

This summary covers twelve publications on data, article, news, viewpoint, media briefing, and report. The health evidence included in this summary are the number estimation of infections and the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in 11 European countries, means for handling money, food and more, Coronavirus’ threats for the endgame, new challenges and opportunities for epidemic preparedness in urban settings, Access to health services as a key to halting COVID-19 and saving refugee lives, a framework for rationing ventilators and critical care beds during the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 27 March 2020, COVID-10 Research in Brief from 20th – 27th March 2020, Open health facility location data for Africa to support COVID-19 efforts, a retrospective study of clinical characteristics of 113 deceased patients with coronavirus disease 2019, the effect of human mobility and control measures on the COVID-19 epidemic in China, and the social science response to the pandemic. This summary also covers global evidence on tracking COVID-19 cases, online course by LSHTM, and COVID-19 resource hubs that are accessible by the public.

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