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IDS Bulletin 48 5-6

Clean Power for Africa: Overcoming the Main Constraints

Published on 28 November 2017

Inadequate power supply in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) means that only 37 per cent of sub-Saharan Africans have access to electricity. Those with access are prone to experience problems with regular power outages. In many sub-SSA countries, electricity access rates are decreasing because electrification efforts are slower than population growth.

The authors of this IDS Bulletin provide insights from power systems engineering, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and political economy on how to overcome constraints to green electricity in Africa. One of the biggest contributions of this issue is that is allows a dialogue between academics and practitioners that would not normally be published in the same journal. What also emerges as an underlying thread is the essential role of donors to achieve sustainable energy for all in Africa.

The contributions to the IDS Bulletin underline the enormity of the clean electrification challenge in Africa, and demonstrate the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach where technical, economic, and political perspectives are involved in the design of interventions.

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IDS Bulletin 48.5-6

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Pueyo, A.,and Bawakyillenuo, S., (2017) Clean Power for Africa: Overcoming the Main Constraints, IDS Bulletin 48 5-6, Brighton: IDS


Ana Pueyo

Research Fellow

S. Bawakyillenuo


Ana Pueyo

Research Fellow

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Pueyo, A. and Bawakyillenuo. S.
IDS Bulletin, volume 48, issue 5-6


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