Past Event


Large-Scale Investments, Rising Powers, and Peacebuilding in Sub-Saharan Africa

16 June 2014 9:30–16:00

Fulton Building Room 213
University of Sussex

One-Day Workshop organised by the Sussex Centre for Conflict and Security Research.

There is currently a strong, renewed debate over the future development of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries with regard to key strategic resources (land, minerals, oil, water) and the socio-economic and political impacts of resource extraction. Some have termed this the ‘New Scramble for Africa’.

The African continent has long been known to have large reserves of raw materials and resources but what is new is the pace, the geopolitical context and the scope of these developments. Firstly, large-scale investments are developing at an unprecedented pace and Africa’s share of world trade and investment is rising. As a result, many African countries now have very high economic growth rates, including many post-conflict countries that are benefiting from these resource booms.

Secondly, the geopolitical configuration is also rapidly changing with the growing role and influence of emerging economic powers ranging from China to Brazil to Turkey. And finally, the pace of resource exploitation is accelerating due to the discovery of new resources (such as new oil reserves along West Africa and in the Horn) but also because other resources are being more highly valued (especially land and water).’

Large-Scale Investments Rising Powers and Peacebuilding Workshop further details (pdf)

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