Shaping Policy with Evidence: What’s new for April 2023?

Published on 20 March 2023

There’s only one week left to go until applications close for our Shaping Policy with Evidence specialist course – and only a few spaces left! So here’s a final reminder of the impressive April 2023 guest speakers, course content and new organisational package.

What is Shaping Policy with Evidence?

Our six-week online policy course that will equip you with the theories and practices you need to operate effectively at the interface between policy and research. 

April 2023 guest speakers

Our two guest speakers this April are policy experts who will be sharing their insights and experience with course participants:

  • Dr Rhona Mijumbi, Head of the Policy Unit at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Programme (MLW) and Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). Previously, Rhona headed the Centre for Rapid Evidence Synthesis (ACRES) working for over a decade championing the evidence-to-policy field in Africa. Dr Mijumba has worked with the World Health Organization and other partners, and is behind the pilot and scale-up of several science-to-policy units in government departments in Africa, the Americas including Canada and Brazil, Asia, and Eastern Europe.  Her seminar is on Embedding Evidence Services into African Government Decision Making.
  • Andrea Ordóñez Llanos is Executive Director of Southern Voice, a network of over sixty think tanks from Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Asia leveraging Southern evidence and analysis to promote fair global development debates. Andrea was previously Research Director at Grupo FARO, a think tank in Ecuador. Her main research interests are social policy, public finance, financing for development, international cooperation. Andrea’s seminar is on The Role of Global Research Networks in Getting Evidence into Use.

New organisational training package – including a tailored workshop

Our 2023 organisational training package invites group bookings for organisations, at a discounted rate.

The full benefits of this package include:

  • Tailored organisational support for your project or institutional strategy.
  • A tailored, IDS-led workshop in addition to the full six-week online course, helping to embed the policy concepts and tools into your organisation’s work.
  • 10% discount on course fees for each place booked, with a further 20% discount available for small non-profits, and those who have attended IDS traning courses previously.

All of this comes at no extra cost to your organisation.

Sample lecture from this online course

The modality of the course is online, which makes it more flexible to attend and fit around your work schedule. The following video gives a taster of what the studying online experience is like.

This sample lecture from previous iteration of the course also provides an idea of what to expect in terms of content. It is the very first lecture that participants will be part of when attending our Shaping Policy with Evidence course:

Watch the sample lecture:

Course application deadline

Applications close on 31 March 2023. Find out more about the course and apply before the deadline.

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