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Kamal Kar

Honorary Associate

Dr. Kar, a specialist in livestock production, agriculture and natural resources, is widely regarded as the pioneer of CLTS. He has done pioneering work in the Indian subcontinent and has introduced CLTS in more than 60 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

In addition to his long association with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex, UK, he is also associated with a number of international development sector organisations, such as DRG of WHO, WASRAG of Rotary International, etc. He has a number of publications on health, sanitation, agriculture and natural resources to his credit. He has also published a Hand Book and Trainers’ Guide on CLTS, which have been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali, Bahasa Indonesia, and other languages.

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Handbook on Community-Led Total Sanitation

The CLTS approach originates from Kamal Kar's evaluation of WaterAid Bangladesh and their local partner organisation - VERC's (Village Education Resource Centre is a local NGO) traditional water and sanitation programme and his subsequent work in Bangladesh in late 1999 and into 2000.

1 January 2008