Olly Owen

Olly Owen

Research Coordinator

Dr Olly Owen works at the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD). He is the NTRN Research Coordinator as well as co-investigator (with Dr Tom Goodfellow) on the project Taxation, Property Rights and the Social Contract in Lagos.

He is an ESRC Future Research Leaders Fellow at Oxford Department for International Development (ODID) where he is currently working on a three-year study of new transformations in revenue and fiscal governance in Nigeria, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. At ODID he also continues work with a focus on policing structures and practices in Nigeria and work related to longstanding interests in politics and governance in the West African sub-region and in political anthropology.

After working in London and Lagos, first with West African civil society groups, and then as an investment risk analyst Olly completed a DPhil at Oxford University’s Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, undertaking an ethnographic study of the Nigerian Police Force.

Languages: English (native)

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Working Paper

Taxation, Property Rights and the Social Contract in Lagos

ICTD Working Paper 73

Major taxation reforms over the past decade have been interpreted as facilitating the transformation of Lagos: once widely seen as a city in permanent crisis, it is now seen by some observers as a beacon of megacity development. Most academic attention has focused on personal income...

1 February 2018


Taxation, Property Rights and the Social Contract in Lagos

ICTD Research in Brief 16

This ICTD Research in Brief is a two-page summary of ICTD Working Paper 73 by Tom Goodfellow and Olly Owen. This series is aimed at policy makers, tax administrators, fellow researchers and anyone else who is big on interest and short on time.

1 January 2018