Hilary Standing - Emeritus Fellow

Health and Nutrition; Gender and Sexuality; Emeritus Fellows
E: h.standing@emeritus.ids.ac.uk


Hilary is a social anthropologist specialising in health systems development and reproductive and sexual health, with extensive experience of policy engagement on issues of gender and health sector reform and women's reproductive and sexual health, and thirty years experience of work on gender and health.

Interests include household level and gender aspects of health, formal and informal care systems, gender and equity in health, the management of organisational change in health sector restructuring and improving accountability within health systems.

Future Health Systems is a research consortium working to improve access, affordability and quality of health services for the poor.

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We Have the Internet in Our Hands’: Bangladeshi College Students’ Use of ICTs For Health Information

Globalization and Health 14.31 (2018)

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) which enable people to access, use and promote health information through digital technology, promise important health systems innovations which can challenge gatekeepers’ control of information, through processes of disintermediation. More details

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ICTs and the Challenge of Health System Transition in Low and Middle-Income Countries

Globalization and Health 13.56 (2017)

The aim of this paper is to contribute to debates about how governments and other stakeholders can influence the application of ICTs to increase access to safe, effective and affordable treatment of common illnesses, especially by the poor. More details

This is the cover to IDS Working Paper 443, 'Engaging with Health Markets in Low and Middle-Income Countries'.

Engaging with Health Markets in Low and Middle-Income Countries

IDS Working Paper 443 (2014)

Many low and middle-income countries have pluralistic health systems with a variety of providers of health-related goods and services in terms of their level of training, their ownership (public or private) and their relationship with the regulatory system. More details

Front cover of Bulletin 39.3, Unsafe Abortion: A Development Issue

Unsafe Abortion: A Development Issue

IDS Bulletin 39.3 (2008)

Abortion has become an ever more controversial issue, provoking strong reactions both 'for' and 'against'. Language used in disputes over whether or not women should have access to safe and legal abortion indicates just how polarised debates have become: pro-choice versus pro-life; pro-abortion versus anti-choice. More details

Hilary Standing on Fiction and Development

03 Nov 2015
By Hilary Standing

Thematic Expertise:
Gender; Health; Science and Society; Sexuality.

Geographic Expertise:
Bangladesh; India.